You can publish your popup created in our platform on your Shopify store.

Note: you can only add a popup to a store theme that allows you to add custom scripts in the source files. Learn more about the options of themes on the Shopify website.

  1. When your popup is ready, click Next/Publish in the editor. You can also access the settings from the popup list by clicking on Display Rules. In the new window, select + Add External Pages.
  1. Type the URL of your Shopify store. Find out more about advanced popup publishing options here.
  1. Publish your popup.
  1. Copy the automatically generated code that will be responsible for displaying the popup.
  1. Go to your Shopify account. On the left side menu, click Online Store and then go to Themes.
  1. On the right side, select Actions(1), then Edit code (2).
  1. Go to theme.liquid (<!doctype HTML>).
  1. Paste the code you generated earlier. Remember to add it before closing the tag.
  1. When you paste the code, click Save.

Go to your Shopify store and check if the popup is displayed correctly.

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