In this guide, you will learn how to integrate your form with AWeber – an e-mail marketing platform.

This integration does not support custom form fields. It is also not available for white label solutions, because the Smartpages’ logo is visible during the integration process.

Integrate your landing page with AWeber

  1. Log in to the Smartpages platform and go to the editor of your landing page.
  2. Go to the form Settings, click on the Integrations tab and choose AWeber.

3. Click on Connect AWeber with Smartpages.

4. New browser tab will open. Log in to your AWeber account, click on Allow Access to integrate with the Smartpages platform. If you do not have the AWeber account, click on Sign up to create a new account.

5. Once you’ve logged in, you will see your AWeber account number and the names of your mailing lists. Select your Account and Mailing list (1) from the drop-down menu. Then connect the form fields with the values in AWeber (2).

6. Save and close. Publish your landing page.

Fill out the form to test if your leads are sent to AWeber.

You will find your lead data in the Subscribers -> Subscribers tab.

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