Calendly is an appointment scheduling software, which you can embed on your site via HTML code. This manual will walk you through how to integrate your landing page with Calendly.

Below the exemplary implementation:

Step I – at Calendly side

  1. Log in to your Calendly account and go to Home > Event Types. Click on the gear icon near the chosen events and then click on Add to Website.
  1. Choose the embed type – in our example, we selected Inline Embed – and click on Continue.
  1. Adjust your calendar look (1) and copy the HTML code (2) – you will need it later at Smartpages platform.

Step II – at Smartpages platform side

  1. Log in to the Smartpages platform and enter the edition of the chosen landing page.
  2. Drag and drop HTML widget in the desired place – where you want to have your Calendly.
  3. Edit HTML widget and paste in the proper field HTML code copied before. If you want to know more about adding your own HTML codes, check this article.
  1. Re-publish your landing page.

From now Calendly will show on your landing page – check if it displays properly.

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