In Smartpages platform, you can decide whether the statistics showed form submission or click on the button as the conversion goal. By default, the conversion goal is form submission for every landing page.

If you want to create a sales funnel and one of its steps will be a landing page without a form, but with a button pointing to another landing page, you can set a click on the button as the conversion goal for this LP.


If you have both the button and the form on a single landing page, when you select track click as conversion option, in the landing page statistics, the conversions will be summed up.

Leads from users who clicked on the button will only contain the IP number.

This option is part of the features set for building funnels and is available in the Automate plan and highers.

How to change the conversion goal to click on the button?

  1. Log into Smartpages platform.
  2. Go to the Landing pages tab and go to the edition of the chosen landing page.
  3. Select the button whose clicks you want to count as conversion and enter its Settings.
  4. In the Type > Redirect or Type > Redirect to landing page tab select the checkbox Track click as conversion.
  1. Save the changes and republish your landing page.

From now, in the landing page statistics, button clicks will be counted as a conversion. If you want to switch this tracking off, uncheck the checkbox.

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