E-goi a is multichannel marketing platform that automates e-mail, mobile, web, voice and social media campaigns into a single online system. This manual will walk you through how to integrate your form on the landing page with E-goi and pass to it all generated leads.

This integration does not support custom form fields.

Step I – at E-goi side

  1. Log in to your E-goi account, click on your profile and go to Integrations tab.

2. Copy your API Key – you will need it later in the next step on Smartpages platform side.

Step II – at Smartpages platform side

  1. Log in to Smartpages platform, go to the edition of the chosen landing page and enter form settings.
  2. Go to the Integrations and choose E-goi.

3. In the new window paste your API key copied before from E-goi and enter other data (1). Then map the form fields with the corresponding fields in E-goi (2). After completing the fields, in the upper right corner click Save and close and publish the landing page.

Fill in the form for testing purposes and verify whether the form sends data to your E-goi account. You should find the lead in Lists > Smartpages > View contacts.

From now your form is integrated with E-goi.

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