Payment Gateway FONDY is an online merchant service provider that helps you accept credit cards. The big advantage of this solution is the ability to create your own fields and the possibility to pay with GooglePay and ApplePay.

To proceed, you need a button on your landing page that will redirect customers to your custom payment page in FONDY.

You can see an example FONDY payment page below:

Step I – on FONDY side

  1. Log into your FONDY account and go to the Payment Buttons tab. Click +Button generator and configure your payment button.
  1. On the Optional parameters tab you can place the URL to your landing page where visitors will be redirected after successful payment.
  1. Click on Generate button and you will get a link to your payment page.

Step II – on Smartpages platform side

  1. Go to the edition of the chosen landing page, select the button and go to its Settings > Type > Redirect. Paste the link copied before form FONDY in the Target URL field. Click Save and close.
  1. Re-publish your landing page.

From now on, when someone clicks the button will be redirected to your payments page in FONDY.

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