You can personalize the message for the user on the thank you/conversion page by displaying some of the form data, for example, name.

How to set up dynamic thank you page

  1. In the platform’s main panel, enter the Landing Pages tab, go to the Dashboard tab of the selected landing page.

2. Go to Settings (1) and select Dynamic thank you page data (2). Then Save (3).

  1. Open the editor. See here how to add a form. Go to form settings from the context menu or widget toolbar.

4. In the Form Fields tab, select or add (1) the element that you want to display on the page after conversion, e.g., name. Click on Additional options (2) and copy the Name attribute. When you’re done, Save and close.

5. Now go to the Thank You Page. Paste the Name attribute in the text where you want to personalize the message. It must start and end with a % sign, e.g., %name%

6. Publish your landing page.

When a user fills in the form on your landing page (where one of the fields’ attributes was placed on the page after the conversion), the form’s content is the same as the one they entered in the form field.

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