Integration with Google Sheets enables you to easily collect data from leads obtained from forms on landing pages or pop-ups, and save them directly in your Google Sheets.

Connect your form with Google Sheets

1.Log in to your Smart Pages account, then go to the editor of your landing page or pop-up.

2.Go to the form Settings and click on the Integrations tab. Choose Google Sheets.

3.In the new window, click the Connect Google Sheets button. You will be prompted to log in with your Google account. Allow the integration to access your Google account.

4.Choose file and sheet:

(1) In the Select file field, select the file from the list to which you want to send lead data from your form or create a new file by clicking the Create new file button (the created file will have the same name as the landing page).

(2) In the Select sheet field, select the sheet on which the lead data from the form should be saved or create a new sheet in the selected file by clicking the Create new sheet button. The sheet name can not consist of any special characters or numbers.

  1. Connect fields from your form with columns in your Google sheet. Save and close.

Important: Remember to name all the columns to which form field should be connected. Connect all columns with fields and do not leave them as “none” – then the leads will not be registered.

  1. Publish your landing page and check if the data from the form is sent to your Google sheet correctly.

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