Thanks to the list of orders, you will be able to conveniently display and give status to orders processed through the payment system from the Smartpages platform. It is available to every user of the platform as part of a number of e-commerce solutions.

How can I check the status of my orders?

  1. Log in to the Smartpages platform, then select the Orders tab in the left menu.

2. On the list of orders, you will see all the orders made on the landing page and their statuses.

How can I manage the order status?

Going to the selected order. You can edit the top label to indicate the current order fulfillment status. The labels prepared by us are:

  • open (informs that the order is being processed)
  • completed (informs that the order has been completed)
  • canceled (informs that the order has been canceled)

You can freely change the above statuses.

The bottom label (new, paid, canceled) is automatically taken from your PayPal account, but cannot be edited. It informs you about the current payment status.

Important: deleting an order on the Smartpages platform only means that the order will no longer be displayed inside the platform. It has nothing to do with deleting a transaction in your payment gateway panel.

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