MailChimp is one of the leading platforms for professional email marketing – thanks to this instruction you will learn how to integrate it with your landing page form.

This integration supports custom form fields.

How to integrate your landing page with MailChimp?

  1. Log in to the Landing platform. Then go to editing the selected landing page.
  2. Click the form on your landing page, then go to the Settings tab.

3. Select the Integrations tab and click the tile with MailChimp integration.

API keys

4. Log in to your account in the MailChimp platform. Go to the Account tab, then Extras > API keys.

5. Go to the Your Api keys tab and click the Create A Key button.

6. Information on the generated Api key will appear in the new window. Copy it (1) remembering that the key status should always be enabled (2).

7. Return to the editor. In the Integrations > MailChimp tab paste the previously copied API key. The following fields, previously defined in the MailChimp platform, will load automatically after successful login:

  • Status of receiving messages by the subscriber (equivalent to Single Opt-in and Double Opt-in);
  • Mailing list;
  • Category;
  • Group.

You can change them at any time depending on your needs.

Corresponding fields

8. In the window below you can map the form fields with the corresponding fields in MailChimp. After completing the fields, in the upper right corner click Save and close and publish the landing page.

9. On the published landing page, complete the test form and check if the leads enter the MailChimp platform correctly.

10. Return to your MailChimp platform. In the top bar, click Audience. In the Recent growth window you will see the number of new contacts, i.e. the leads collected. Click on New Contacts to view the exact details of your leads.

IMPORTANT: We recommend that the data type on the MailChimp list should always be text. Otherwise, leads may not be saved correctly.

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