In the Smartpages platform, you can manage your leads via Leads tab on the sidebar or from the level of a particular landing page/popup where you collected them.

Even if you have integration with external system for lead management, your leads will be also gathered in Smartpages platform.

If you have an external form on your landing page, like Google Forms, then your leads won’t be gathered in Smartpages platform.

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How to manage your leads?

A. Full lead list

  1. Log in to Smartpages platform and go to Leads Tab.

There you will find a list of all your leads collected on landing pages or popups (in separate tabs). The highlighted leads are unread leads.

Lead management options

By clicking on All sources (1), you can choose the source of the leads displayed (all sources, landing pages or pop-ups).

Next to (2), you can set the time range from which you want to display the leads.

By hovering the cursor over the field next to the e-mail address left in front of the lead, you can copy it to the clipboard with one click (3).

By clicking on Details (4) you will check the detailed data of the selected lead.

You can delete a selected lead or a group of leads by clicking on Delete (5).

By clicking the Export button, you will export the leads from the selected source and time range to a CSV file sent to the email used in your account on the Smartpages platform. You can also export leads from the Dashboard and/or Leads tab on the selected landing page.


Resetting the landing page statistics deletes all existing leads.

B. Leads collected through the form on the selected landing page

Each landing page on the list in the Smartpages tab has a separate, dedicated Leads tab. Click on it to go to leads from a given landing page.

By clicking on the Leads, you can view its collected details, edit details (1) or delete it (2).

C. Leads gathered on the form at the selected popup.

Every popup has its own Lead tab. Click on More > Leads, to enter the list of all leads from the chosen popup.

Managing popup leads is done in the same way as lead management from the landing page level.

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