All you need to know about PageInsider™

This tool is based on AI and will help you understand the users and their interaction on your landing page. Read about the basic concepts behind the PageInsider™. The tool is in beta version and we’re working hard to make it even better.

How to launch PageInsider™

The feature is available for the Automate plan. You can find the PageInsider™ in three places – in the platform and in the editor. The analysis will always run in a new tab.

  1. Go to the Smartpages section, find the landing page that you want to analyze, and click on PageInsider™, or
  1. Go to the Dashboard of your landing page, click on Actions in the upper right corner and select PageInsider™, or
  1. Go to the editor of your landing page, click on Preview in the upper right corner.

Launch the analysis from the preview mode.

Clarity Score

The Clarity Score shows how transparent the design is to the new user, whether it’s overloaded with elements and conflicting colors or whether it’s clean and crisp. The algorithm takes into account the amount of information contained in your projects – text volume, text size and contrast, and colors, number and size of images. A low score indicates that the design is overloaded and chaotic, and important elements are not visible enough.

  • Poor clarity (0-30)
  • Average clarity (30-57)
  • Good clarity (57-95)
  • Excellent clarity (95-100)

Smart Map

Analytics tool that enables marketers and design teams to improve design efficiency. Thanks to the Smart Maps, you can check which of the elements on the landing page attract the most attention. This will allow you to better optimize your landing page before publication.

Percentage of attention

Percentage of Attention contains quantitative data (percentage) of specific areas with key design elements that are included in it. By defining ROIs, you quantify the heatmap data and get the exact percentage of attention that the feature gets. For example, if you choose full screen, 100% attention will be given.

Take a look at the average results of Percentage of Attention listed below. At first, it may seem to you that 4% is a very bad result, but if your score is equal or higher to those below, that means that the percentage of attention for the elements on your landing page is very good!

  • Primary CTA – 4%
  • Secondary CTA – 2%
  • Heading – 24%
  • Subheading – 15%
  • Logo – 4%

If the Percentage of Attention is lower than the average, consider rearranging the elements, changing the color or adjusting the size.

Go ahead and check out what percentage of attention your CTA is getting!

Single screenshot

If your landing page has several section, you may need to run an analysis more than once to get the results for the whole page. Launch the analysis, and check whether all of the screenshots are marked with a green checkmark. Use the arrow on the right to see more screenshots. If some of them are marked with a grey checkmark, click on them and run an analysis for individual sections. You will receive an email with a link each time you run an analysis for the first time for a given section.

Link to the analysis

When you launch an analysis for the first time for a given landing page, you will see a blue button saying Send me the link to the analysis. Click on it, and each time you run the analysis for the first time, you will receive an email with a link that will redirect you to the analysis.

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