The click-to-call function will automatically request a phone call. The attribute “tel:” opens a default call application on a given device (such as Skype, Facetime, or smartphone calling application).

TIP: You can hide Click-to-call on the desktop view and show it only on the mobile view.

Click-to-call on a button

  1. Click on the button and go to Settings from the context menu (1) or toolbar (2).
  1. Go to the Type tab and then Redirect. In the Target URL field, add a phone number in the following format tel:+1123456789, then click on Save and close.

Click-to-call as text (phone number)

  1. Go to the editor and click on the selected text widget, then highlight the whole phone number and click on the link icon.
  1. Select link type Redirect and type the phone number in the following format tel:+1123456789. Save settings and close.

That’s all! Now the users can contact you by phone.

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