Pipedrive is a platform for sales management, especially for businesses with a long sales cycle.

This integration supports custom form fields only for the Person object.

Step I – on Pipedrive side

  1. Log into your Pipedrive account and go to the Settings > Personal > API.
  2. Copy your API token. You will need it later for the next configuration step on the Smartpages side.

Step II – on Smartpages side

  1. Log into Smartpages platform and go to the edition of the chosen landing page.
  2. Select the form which you want to integrate with Pipedrive.

3. Go to the Integrations tab and click on the Pipedrive tile.

4. In the new window with integration details paste the API token copied before from the Pipedrive platform and fill the remaining fields.

Your form must have an email field for integration to work properly.

  1. Save the changes and republish your landing page.

From now your landing page is integrated with Pipedrive. Submit the form for testing purposes and check if your integration works correctly.

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