In the Smartpages platform, you can integrate popups with Google Analytics. Thanks to this, you will be able to track popup views and conversion (understood as filling out the popup’s form and redirection to its thank you page) on your GA account under the Events tab.

Note: If you want this integration to work properly, the website where popup displays (landing page in the Smartpages platform or your other external website) should have added gtag.js (global site tag).

If you want to know how to integrate your landing page with Google Analytics, check this manual.

How to enable Google Analytics integration on popup?

  1. Log into Smartpages platform and go to the Popups tab.
  2. Click on the Dashboard of the given landing page an navigate to the Settings tab.
  3. By default, Google Analytics integration is disabled (1). Enable the integration by clicking on the radio button (2).

For now, your popup will be integrated with Google Analytics. Popup’s display and user conversion (form submission) will be visible in your GA account in the Events tab under the label with the name of the popup.

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