If you have your main webpage on your root domain, most probably you consider possible ways of hooking the landing page under your domain without influencing the main page.

Which options of publishing your LP I have in Smartpages?

  • You can publish your LP under a subdirectory (also known as a subfolder), which means that the final address of your landing will be the URL with a path, like www.your-domain-here.com/landing;
  • You can publish your LP under a subdomain, and the final URL will look like landing.your-domain-here.com.

If you choose to publish under a subdirectory, both main page and landing page need to point to the same servers – you cannot set a separate CNAME for the main page and a landing page placed under a subfolder. If you already have the page on your root domain, you should not publish your LP under subdirectory/subfolder – if you will do that, your main page won’t display anymore. Currently, in Smartpages we do not support multiple levels of sub-directories (if the landing pages are hosted on our servers). We recommend the usage of subdomains.

You can publish one landing page on your root domain and then another landing page under subfolder – in this case, all sites will be displayed properly because both sites point to the same, Smartpages servers.

If you need to publish your LP under subfolder and keep your website safe, you can try PHP embed or WordPress plugin.

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