Do you run an online store on Shopify and want to publish your landing page created on our platform on it?

Use the option of publishing your landing page in Shopify

  1. Log in to your account on the Smartpages platform, then from the landing page list or dashboard, go to the Publishing options of the selected landing page and click the Publish on Shopify tile.
  1. Copy the following code:

3.Log in to your store in Shopify, then go to the Online store tab and click Themes. In the new window on the right, click Actions > Edit code.

  1. In the list on the left of the code editor, search for Templates, then click Add a new template. In the new window that will appear, select page from the drop-down list next to Create a new template for and enter the name of the template that will allow you to identify it later, and then confirm by clicking Create template. In the code editing mode, remove all content from it, leaving only the {{page.content}} variable as shown below and click Save.
  1. Now, in the Online store tab, go to the Pages subpage and then select the Add page option. Then, on the page editing page, go to the HTML code mode (1) and paste the previously copied code for publishing in Shopify from the Smartpages platform (2). On the right, in the Templates (3) field, select the template you created in the previous step from the drop-down list. Finally, save all actions by clicking the Save button.

Important: Due to technical limitations, you will not be able to direct to a specific section.

Publishing in Shopify – I have the Create plan

If you have the Create plan and you want to use the button to redirect the users to the product page in your store, you have to add an onClick event to your button.

  1. Create a Shopify button.
  2. Go to the button Settings, and link the button to any section.
  1. Navigate to the Settings tab and add the following code:

Click on Save and close.

  1. Publish your landing page. The users can now buy your product via Shopify.

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