Read this before you redirect a www subdomain:

A www subdomain is redirected via the root domain using the A record and the www subdomain using the CNAME record. If there is already a website on your root domain, such as your company’s home page, you should not redirect the www subdomain to Smartpages. By doing this redirect, you will replace your existing website with a landing page, making it impossible to access the initial website. In this case, we recommend redirecting a subdomain other than www.

It is not possible to publish a landing page to a folder (such as in Smartpages if you already have a website published to that domain. You can publish a www subdomain to the folder only if such subdomain was redirected to Smartpages.

This general guide will show you how to redirect a www subdomain. Before configuring DNS records, add the domain to your Smartpages account.

Redirecting a www subdomain

  1. Log in to your domain provider’s account.
  2. Find your domain and edit the DNS zone.
  3. In the list of records, locate the A record and the CNAME record with the www value and edit them. If you don’t have this CNAME record, add a new one.

Some domain providers may require a different form of value for the Host/Name and Address fields, for example they may require you to add a dot at the end of the value. In this example, we use the following value for the new subdomain: Replace with the name for your domain. Copy and paste one of the following values, as required by your provider.

If you are still not sure how records are added to the root domains, you can contact our Support Team or your domain provider.

Installing the subdomain in Smartpages

Once you’ve added the subdomain to your account, our system will verify whether the DNS redirections have been done correctly. During this time, an hourglass icon will be visible next to the domain with the information that the domain is being verified. Usually, the domain will be active a few hours after adding it, but the total waiting time depends on the number of domains in our system waiting in the queue to install the certificate. We will email you when the domain is installed correctly.

A green globe icon indicates an active domain. You can assign it to your landing page.

In some cases, you have to wait between 1 and 24 hours for the records to propagate.

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