Referral links are links to your landing page that contain a unique user ID. This instruction will show you how to add a referral link to a conversion page to track a landing page referral process by those who filled out a form.

Add JavaScript codes

  1. Log in to your Landing account and go to the Dashboard of your landing page. Navigate to the JavaScript Code tab and click Add script.
  1. Name the script and in the field Content, paste the following code:

Choose the Body bottom position on the Main page. Click on Add.

  1. Add a second script. Paste the code indicated below:

Replace with the URL of a landing page, where you add the code, such as

Choose the Body bottom position on the Conversion page. Click on Add.

Edit form and conversion page

  1. Go to the editor of your landing page. Click on the Form widget and go to its Settings. In the Form fields tab, click on + Add element and choose Hidden.
  1. Click on Additional options and name the attribute user_id. Save and close.
  1. Navigate to the conversion page (Thank You Page).
  1. Add a Text widget and in a toolbar, add a reflink-area class to it. The referral link will appear here.
  1. Publish the landing page.

After the form is correctly filled and submitted, a 10-digit user code will be generated and stored in the hidden user_id field and the lead. The same code will also be added to the link that will appear on the conversion page. The user should use this link to recommend your landing page further.

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