In Smartpages platform you have access to basic statistics of your landing page and account traffic, updated in real-time.

You can track the number of visits, leads and conversion rates. You can also track stats for the chosen period in a chart.

Stat system in Smartpages is based on two cookies:

ls_uid: this cookie is responsible for identifying unique visitors. It is valid until the end of each month.

ls_sid: this cookie is responsible for every visit (not unique). It is valid for 30 minutes.

Where can I find info about unique visitors?

  1. Log in to Smartpages account, click on your profile at the topbar and then go to Account Traffic tab.

Unique visitors are counted per account.

Where can I find the landing page stats?

  1. Log in to Smartpages account, go to the Landing Pages tab and enter the Dashboard of the chosen landing page.

You will see the statistic panel with visits, leads, and conversion rate (1). The chart shows visits and actions on your landing page during last 30 days by default. By changing the dates you can show the chart for the chosen period (2).

We recommend using an additional stat system like Google Analytics if you need advanced stats.

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