WWWizer is a service that allows you to make a redirection from a naked domain to your domain with www by A record points to IP number:

If you notice a WWWizer error message after redirecting your domain to the given IP number, then most likely, the redirection has been done incorrectly.

What you need to remember about:

Common errors:

  • setting an A record pointing on for the subdomain (domain with www), e.g., www.mydomain.com, instead of only for a naked domain, e.g., mydomain.com.

Remember that with A record, you redirect only the naked domain (the domain without www), for example, mydomain.com. For subdomains, like www.mydomain.com, you don’t set an A record, but only CNAME pointing to cname.smartpages.com.

Few things which you need to know about redirection by using A record:

  • Redirection via DNS records is limited to the same domain zone – you cannot redirect your naked domain to a different domain, like mydomain.com on www.myawseomesite.com.
  • This is an HTTP redirection. If you write in the browser your naked domain address with the HTTP in front of it, like https://mydomain.com, it won’t work.

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