If you want to integrate the form on your landing page with ZOHO CRM, follow the steps below. Remember that you will need a login and password for your account in ZOHO CRM and the correct validation of YOUR NAME field. The current integration is adapted to the latest API v2.

This integration supports custom form fields.

How to set up Zoho CRM integration?

  1. Log in to the Landing platform, then go to editing the selected landing page.

2. Go to form settings.

3. In the new window, select the Integrations tab (1), then click the tile with ZOHO CRM integration (2).

4. Choose the API endpoint in ZOHO CRM.

5. Click on Connect to Zoho CRM button.

After connecting

6. A message from the ZOHO CRM website will appear in a new browser window asking for permission to integrate your ZOHO CRM account with Smartpages. Click Accept.

7. After successfully integrating the ZOHO CRM account with the Smartpages platform, you’ll see a green message in the editor window Successfully logged in. This means that the integration of your landing page or popup with ZOHO CRM has been successful.

8. Combine the form fields with the appropriate values defined in ZOHO CRM.

Important: The maximum number of forms that can be integrated with the ZOHO CRM is 20.

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