Zoom Video Webinar is a very well known platform for creating webinars, courses and online conferences. In this manual you will learn how to easily integrate it with the landing created in our platform.

Step I – at Zoom Video Webinar side

  1. Log in to the Zoom Video Webinar platform. Then click SCHEDULE A MEETING in the top navigation bar.

2. In the new window, fill in the fields with information about the webinar. Then click the Save button.

Step II – at Smartpages side

  1. Log in to the Landing platform, then go to editing the landing page where you want to add the meeting (either webinar or online lesson).
  2. From the left bar, drag the HTML widget and drop it where you want the webinar or meeting invitation to appear.

3. Go to widget settings. Paste the following code into it:

In place of “your_url” paste previously copied URL of your webinar, while in place of name= – its name.

You can also freely adjust the height and width of the window. All you have to do is to change the given attributes in the code.

4. Click Save and close, then in the upper right corner click Publish.

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